Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FIFA Manager 11 review: Underappreciated

Not too bad at all. Fun at start, but then it's going too easy even on the first season of having Div 2 club.

Being a fan of Fifa Manager a long time ago, I already play every single version of this series since it was Total Club Manager (though I'm even not a FIFA fan, I'm in for PES).

I did wonder why everyone give it only 6.0 point average on Gamespot when I started playing this game. Well, really it is not that bad at all. The tactic system going impressive, 3D match is going smooth, players have many smart actions, AI is very good, the financial system going well as always, I'm in total control of my club not like in Football Manager of Championship Manager series, which one of the biggest reason why I enjoy Fifa Manager more than others.

For more detail, I always playing low Division of England in any football manager games for more experience of enjoy my team going up and developing in my own way. And this time, I had Bradford in Div 2, one of my favorite low division team all time. But then, I discovered the Tactic Route at the second matches, and things are going down at this point:

I won every single match!

The reason is: I use that Tactic route very well, attack and defend with nearly all players, but I don't think computer team know anything about this Tactic Route at all. Players are smart but the their managers ares not.

Their players stay in positions in every situations, LB and RB not going to attack, midfields players are really staying in midfield, there are always only like 2 or 3 players at attacking positions, and the strikers not going to down to defend as well, they could not beat my 11 players with that, even with Premier League players, it likes using 8 players vs 11 in both attack and defend.

FIFA Manager 11 is then way too easy! I know I'm good at this brand, but come on! Having Bradford in Div 2 and won nearly every single matches in Brazil style included FA Cup, English Cup and even beat team Manchester United with my average-60 players is totally crazy. And I hate that, it's not fun at all like you think (I know they fixed it in Update 2, but that's a super careless job of EA!).

That's the main thing make the game bad. Some other bad points which i hate:

- I hate talking with my players every weeks, that's boring clicking the same words every now and then.
- I want original, and it should be good enough. Some problem like number of heading goals, Routes set back after making sub, too hard to sell reserve players should not be there to fix in Patch 1.
- I am manager of the month and they even not mention it in my emails!
- I hate update and patch my game then it could effect or destroy my saved game. I do not talk about database, it's about BUGS! Lot of bugs! I want more consistent and perfect game when it going to release, EA need to test it more carefully before bring it out to players.
- Up to now I haven't understand much the training. There are no description about staff yet, is it any bonus if I leave my players to my coaches in training? Because I want to train them my self, but if then, what my staff level for?
- I know I could turn it off but there are too many same cinematic action all time and too much, the same as 5, 6 years ago.
- Theme songs is annoy sometimes could bring headache, just learn how to do it from PES.
- Take too long time of loading and advertising to the main screen.
- It take a long time for me to know why I'm getting too many red card.
- Tutorial system don't work, I'm sure first time player of this game getting bored as it hard to learn how to win.
- Even with latest updates it still have lot of bugs (for example can't set training object to GK)
- Funny thing is, after updated 2, instead of press P to pause the 3D game, I have to press Pause. Come on! Laptop don't have Pause button mate!

Good points:
- The tactic system going perfect, very impessive.
- Tactic Route make this game more perfect (but I want computer manager use that too, not only me! It sound fixed in update 2, but again, I don't want to update my game, it really like play another game when you update it!).
- 3D is going smooth and lovely.
- Players have many smart actions, AI is good, very nice passing.
- The financial system going well as always.
- Total control of the club (I don't have to ask to upgrade my stadium and getting refuse like in other games even when I have a zillion).
- Very nice interface which nice control of short-key setting.

It still worth playing though. I'll go for a 7/10. Hope they clear it in version 12.

(This is my review of FIFA Manager 11

Update: After patch the game with Update 3, it is harder to have header goals and fix some bugs, but I still be able to win FA Cup with my Bradford in first season after beating Manchester City and then Arsenal in the final, crazy!


Tran Quang Dao said...

one more thing, there are only 1 or 2 throw-ins in a match (3D view), fewer than the goals :|

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