Friday, June 10, 2016

Mute Skype group conversation

You all know how annoying is when there is a or some Sypke groups you have to join in to keep in touch, but everyone there keep chatting which is really distract you from work. Or it is just annoying. 

Here is how to mute a group conversation, so when there is anyone send a message, no sound nor pop-up, just a small number show how many messages in Skype list. You wont need to leave out the group anymore. Awesome.

1> In the conversation box, look up, click on the logo of the group (it's near the star beside the group's name)
2> Un-check the "Notify me when something new happen"

That's it. It takes me months to find out, so I really hope you don't.

June 10 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016

Windows shutdown or restart instead of sleeping

Here is my problem: I have an Asus X452L using Windows 10 64-bit shutdown instead of sleep when I close the lid of it. The problem occur after I use IObit Advanced SystemCare to "improve PC speed". It is a huge mistake, I believe problem happen when it auto-update my BIOS version. There, that is a problem belong to BIOS version.

So, If you meet any problem like me: Any kind of Windows with a PC, I hear a lot PC and laptop have this problem, shut down instead of sleeping when you close the lid or try to sleep here is how to fix/ avoid:

The most important things:
- Never ever use IObit Advanced SystemCare, the program is stupid, and a pain in the ass.
- Never upgrade/downgrade your BIOS if you have no problem using the device.

Now, how to fix: The problem is the BIOS version, so what you need it to upgrade it or downgrade it to a reliable version.

Here is the instruction for Asus laptop only

1> Install WinFlash, it found from the Asus website, or just Google it. I got version V3.1.0

2> Download latest or previous version of your BIOS, find your Asus series first (it's in the System description, just you your search tool to find System Information). It is similar with the one write on your laptop, but it not exactly. Mine series is actually X450LA instead of X452L they print it near my keyboard. Type the series code into the upon website to go the Driver page where you could download things.
The BIOS version is under the "Other" in the website (and you have to choose the OS as Others), not in Bios category, it sucks I know, take me a day to find out.

3> Use WinFlash to upgrade it. Done!

Here is other link if you have any problem run it It is the older version of WinFlash so it might help if it is yours as well.

June 02 2016